Let’s talk about these fresh deals going on in the FRESH STUDIO

Hello Fresh Family


🌱We have some great discount deals going on check them out below kings & queens.

🌱1 - Fresh Graduate Sale 50% off all fresh services SALE ends Dec 31,2021

🌱2 - Fresh Clients - All Clients Working With The Fresh Team Have A Fresh Code That Allows You To Receive 5% off any service until we are done working together on that current project. 

🌱3- Fresh18& Under Bundle Pack allows anyone under 18 to start a brand or business. 1 Ad Spend - 1 Social Media Setup - 1 Website design 1 page w store setup - 2 Brand Wears (tshirt/hoodie) - google placement - domain name - extended service hrs -tickets or thank cards w/ QR Code - business cards w QR Code 

🌱4-  Business Bundle - If you need it all this is the bundle for you. It includes - 1 Logo Design - 1 Brand TShirt - 3 page Shopify store - google placement - 1 Social media setup & design - business cards w QR code - flyers w QR code - 1 e flyer - 1 fresh coupon - 1 free updates call 


🌱Take A Fresh Leap Of Faith And get started today with  one of these amazing business deals 🌱