Meet The Fresh Family

Take some time to check out our fresh family here at the studio.



Meet Sir, He takes care of all the backend problems we have going on within all of the businesses we host and maintain. He is been in the internet marketing world for over 25 years. Lets just say all of his work is and will always be fresh. That's why he is the Lead Web Developer on our team.
     Meet Mya, She is the youngest in charge here in the fresh studio. With a niche in not only custom graphic design, she edits video content, can produce analytics for any social platform, and a great idea creator. At only 18 years old Mya brings to the team that fresh youth flavor that many businesses are missing. That's why she is our Branding Strategist & Assistant Lead Grind Pirate on the Social Media Marketing and Design Team. 
      Meet Victor, Not only is he one of a kind, Vic is the freshest custom hand drawn graphic designer I have ever met. His consistency and love he brings to each clients projects gains him an automatic spot in my book. Not all Professional Logo Designers are as fresh as him, SO SERIOUS. That's why he is our Lead  Professional Custom Logo & Graphic Designer  
  Meet MissT, The Freshest CEO on this earth. The fresh family is a forever growing internet beehive of freelancers heavily manifesting into a strong community by helping out small and large businesses around the globe. It all started in 2017 when my focus was on single mothers who were homebound and needed a way to make residual income during pregnancy and beyond for the themselves and children.